"There are doors that have stood for centuries, and doors that look like they might not last the day. There are doors that entice us to come in, and doors that only the bravest would dare to open. There are doors that surely lead to places unknown, and doors that, just as surely, lead us home. Some come from a grander time when art was not confined to walls, but draped itself in trellis and wrought-iron across wooden frames. Some, by contrast, are weather-beaten, rotting, barely functional – but there nonetheless, offering their protection to whoever is inside. Some doors are an invitation, appealing to us to rest in their soft hues of reds and oranges and yellows. Some evoke the mystery of paths not yet taken, or of opportunities to come. While others are a way back to that which is most familiar, to the one place where each of us can claim, “I am home.”" by Kelly Johnson 2008
58 with Ficus web.jpg

58 With Ficus: Havana, Cuba

Bird's Egg Blue web.jpg

Bird's Egg Blue: London, England

Coachlight web.jpg

Coachlight: London, England

Dutch Door web.jpg

Dutch Door: Trinidad, Cuba

Flight of the Phoenix web.jpg

Flight of the Phoenix: Barcelona, Spain

Group Painting sm.jpg

Group Painting: Havana, Cuba

Lace Jade Cloak web.jpg

Lace Jade Cloak: Beijing, China

Midnight Blue Antwerp web.jpg

Midnight Blue: Antwerp, Belgium

Mural Over Arch (Toulouse) web.jpg

Mural Over Arch: Toulouse, France

Pale Blue Wash web.jpg

Pale Blue Wash: Remedios, Cuba

Palmed Grace CU web.jpg

Palmed Grace (CU): Havana, Cuba

Pink Surround web.jpg

Pink Surround: Trinidad, Cuba

Regal web.jpg

Regal: Beijing, China

Ruby Red Slippers (Paris) web.jpg

Ruby Red Slippers: Paris, France

Seabreeze web.jpg

Seabreeze: Remedios, Cuba

Stately Green 5 web.jpg

Stately Green: London, England

Step Up Blue web.jpg

Step Up Blue: Trinidad, Cuba

Stone Brick Wood (Toulouse) web.jpg

Stone Brick Wood: Toulouse, France

Sunshine and Shears Brugge web.jpg

Sunshine and Sheers: Brugge, Belgium

Winding Within web.jpg

Winding Within: Trinidad, Cuba

Wire Rocker web.jpg

Wire Rocker: Havana, Cuba